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Are you spending too much time estimating? Do you find you evenings and weekends taken up pricing work so you can do your ‘real’ job in the week? Are you missing out seeing family and friends because you’re always working? The thruth is: if you want to do it all yourself, we don't have the answers to your problem. Estimating takes time. Despite what you might read in glossy adverts and fancy webpages, there are no simple solutions to preparing estimates. There are of course simple estimates and simple ways of estimating, but if you want the job done properly - it takes time. Computerised estimating systems use words like a ‘FAST’, ‘PRO’, ‘EXPERT’, ‘EXPRESS’, ‘QUICK’ and some are very good at doing certain things. Most will produce professional reports, but a professional report doesn't necessarily mean it has produced a professional estimate. Whatever system you use to prepare your estimates the process is the same: 1. work out the quantities you need (the takeoff) 2. assess the labour, plant and material you need for each item 3. assess or get quotations for the labour, plant and materials 4. assess any management costs, overheads scaffolding and the like 5. make allowances for any particular requirements, say for access or occupied premises 6. get the calculator out and do the mathematics to calculate the net cost 7. assess your profit, overheads and any abnormal risks and add to the net cost Your estimate is complete! If you've used a computer or a computerised system to prepare your estimate the ONLY time saved is probably item number 6 - the mathematics. The vast majority of the estimates require experienced input: why are people so intent on saving time and money preparing estimates when it is probably the most cost-effective money that will ever be spent.  Do an estimate properly will cost you time; do an estimate improperly could cost you thousands! So if you want your evenings and weekends back you need some professional help. John Wilson has over 35 years experience in the profession. We very seldom do one-off jobs. We strive to build up long-term relationships with our clients, some of who have been with us since the beginning. For help preparing your estimates, quotations and tenders, give us a call now on 07825 915 007
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